Live Evil / Evil Live

- Excerpt from the performance Live Evil / Evil Live at the Cantos Music Foundation in Calgary.

Live Evil / Evil Live is an audio performance event that features live audio and gender remixing by Don Simmons. Simmons will be remixing the audio soundtracks of two short films by Kenneth Anger (Invocation of My Demon Brother and Lucifer Rising). Simmons' will use remixing as a tool of deconstruction exposing the inherently evil and magickal elements of cinema. For Anger, "Making a movie is casting a spell." Anger claims "Magick" as his lifework and "the cinematograph" for his "Magick weapon." " To date, all of his films have been evocations or invocations, attempting to conjure primal forces which, once visually released, are designed to have the effect of "casting a spell" on the audience. The Magick in Anger's film is related to the Magickal effect of the film on the audience.

Simmons' performance will utilize Kenneth Anger's incorporation of repetition, trace, and magick as key elements of film. Drag aesthetics will be utilized as a system of gender-remix. Simmons' deconstruction and composition of the audio will inflict a new understanding of the subject matter of evil. In an age when terrorism rules, and fear controls the masses, analyzing the nature of evil is essential. Evil is commonly misunderstood as the other, the outside, the deviant, the freak of nature, or the individual we know little about. This performance is intended to add to the dialogue on evil and xenophobia.

Musical Credits: Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones made the original composition for Invocation of my Demon Brother in 1969. Lucifer Rising's original music was composed by Bobby Beausoleil while in prison from 1970- 1980. Simmons' treatment of the two scores will be performed live using real-time sampling and remixing programs constructed in MAX/MSP.