100 Band-aids is a conceptual work about cuts, damage, victims, obsession, crime, white boys, temporary solutions, identity, cover-ups, make-up, killing, guns, electronics and image, loss, cutting, violence, analog and gangstas rappers with band-aids to remember friends in jail,This video was performed and recorded at the Experimental Television Center, Newark Valley NY, during the summer of 2003. Six low-end video surveillance cameras simultaneously recorded the performance. Each video signal was sent through an analog image processing system that colorized and modulated the signal's appearance. There was no video editing software used to make the video. The video processing is a result of oscillating voltage changes of +-5 Volts within the video frequency range. The audio was recorded simultaneously as a result of the audio frequencies being altered by the same +-5 Volts. The final audio and visual were then recorded digitally.